Bodewell is the best property management company in Vancouver.

 As one of Vancouver’s leading Reimbursement Property Management Companies, we aim to offer stylish property proprietor and tenant gests in every area for our services. We offer services for property operations in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, Downtown Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and Coquitlam. 

Your Property Director will keep an eye on your property so you can rest easy. We'll check your property doubly a time in compliance with the Residental Tenancy Act. Latterly, a report will be added to your online account for you to fluently pierce at any time. Managing trades or service people are included in your Yearly Property Management Service freights. 

We don't charge any surcharges or fresh freights nor do we admit any commissions or impulses for services handed to your property and tenants. Our Bodewell platoon of ensured and certified tradespeople will take care of repairs and conservation of your rental property on time for the stylish price and quality. Our thing is to ensure your tenants are happy and comfortable because a happy tenant is ideal for you and them! Your tenant will have direct access to our property directors so you noway have to take a call during your busy schedule. 
Quality tenants anticipate and earn quality support and services which is one of the reasons why we see some of the stylish tenants looking for parcels managed by Bodewell. 

As one of the stylish reimbursement operation companies in Vancouver, we offer a unique combination of Real Estate Agents, Finance Experts, Real Estate Exploration Specialists, and Property Marketing Professionals. We partake in our knowledge of Greater Vancouver working with guests in English, French, and Mandarin. 
You'll noway be surprised by a deduction from your account over the yourpre-approved limit. All charges associated with your account are tracked and approved before work is commenced. Professional tenant placement makes a big difference when securing your rental property. Our platoon follows a strict vetting process to place tenants with good references, credit history, and vindicated income. 

All finances, security deposits, and rental earnings collected for processing are held in and reused through Trust Accounts held at the Royal Bank of Canada. Your net reimbursement income is deposited into your bank regard each month. 
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